For the past decade, alcove units have been a vital part of various rooms in homes – the living room, dining room, and the bedrooms. They have grown in importance because they add a unique touch to the general interior of homes.

Various homes have an analogous set-up and other fashionable properties such as fireplaces or chimney breasts. There are many ways homeowners can use contemporary techniques to enhance the appearance of their home, especially by installing alcove cabinets.

Most homes have alcoves, recesses, and other areas that can be put to great use with fitted alcove units. Some professionals are skilled at exploiting these underused pockets of space to create beautiful and practical installations. Therefore, don’t allow an empty corner or odd-shaped alcoves to waste; put them to good use with fitted furniture. 

Alcove units are mostly linked with fireplaces. They have impressive storage potential. Most people refer to all awkward recessed spaces and corners as alcoves. They can be found anywhere in the home and are most commonly a result of extensions. The space between them can be used to build a fireplace or entertainment system.

So why do you need alcove units?

  • The alcove units fit right in making use of the space that’s available 
  • The shelving of the units complements the interior design of the room
  • They are flexible and provide attention to detail that off-the-shelf furniture can’t provide
  • When you work with an interior designer, you’ll be opened to new ideas about creating unique furniture

These reasons make up the importance of having custom made furniture because alcove units have unique dimensions. This means that off the shelf units may not fit the measurements. When it comes to alcove units, there are various options to choose from. You can decide to build a freestanding piece of furniture or design a built-in. With various styles, a furniture maker can create a unique piece for you. 

Alcove units are suitable solutions over regular units, making it possible for you to take advantage of the available space. These are created to store everything from TVs, books, DVDs, sound systems, clothes, bed linen, pillows, blankets, irons, suitcases, and vacuum cleaners. 

The major benefit of a modern alcove unit is its elegance. The picture-perfect choice of materials and shades, together with the appropriate proportions make alcoves to look natural and harmonious, and at the same time, look fresh and elegant. 

Your belongings will be organized and not be in your way, but at the same time easily accessible. There are alcove designs that can put up with any free space, no matter how small the space is.



Benefits of Alcove Units

The biggest benefit that alcove units provide is their elegance. The picture-perfect choice of materials and shades, together with the proper proportions give alcoves a natural and harmonious look, and at the same time, fresh and elegant in your home. 

Alcove cabinets are better than regular closets, making it possible for you to take advantage of the available space. An alcove cabinet shouldn’t be shy. When you coat it with bright colors, it can be the center of attention in the room. 

In the living room and bedrooms, these units can house various drawers, for the DVD collection and clothing. One way of using that space is by constructing shelving within alcove units. The shelves can house books, newspapers, and magazines. 

You would want to spend time in the small corner of your room, reading a book or listening to music because of the cozy feel of a wonderful textural chair and a woolly rug. If you don’t need shelves and you want something more stylish, you can add mirrors to not only divulge light but add depth to the space. Therefore, consider making use of either antiqued or tiled glass in alcoves to give it a luxurious appearance.

Styles of Alcove Units

There are various styles and sizes of alcove units. However, there are three major styles – traditional, modern, and transitional.

It is best for cabinet makers to create alcove shelving in a workshop than doing it on-site, because of the access to machinery that makes the work faster and more accurate. 

  1. Traditional style

Traditional designs entail comfort, symmetry, and charm. When considering this style, imagine rich wood tones, curved lines, and luxurious cabinets. This refined and graceful style brings everything in a room together, giving it a classier look. 

In traditional style alcove units, all units come in pairs around a statement piece. A statement piece can be a piece of artwork or a fireplace, or the TV itself if you have a built-in TV unit. When you pair the items, you’ll have balance. The units complement the details of the statement piece of a room.

  1. Modern style

Modernism started as an intellectual campaign at the end of the 19th Century. Since then, it has spread to other parts of life, including interior furniture design. A modern style of alcove unit moves away from the lived-in feeling of traditional styles. The idea is to conceal the clutter and make a hidden storage space.

Its goal of ‘less is more’ created clean, crisp lines using plain textures and no detail. The alcove units here don’t protrude from the walls. They are made with a lot of metals and are mostly used in doorknobs, faucets, cabinet handles, and railings. This makes it possible for us to move away from a cozy and warm traditional design.

  1. Transitional style

This is a combination of both traditional and modern designs. It is made by making use of rich traditional textures together with clean lines of modern units.

Your room will feel fresh and new when you add a modern piece to the traditional design. You can use both styles as a base and you can add to them. It creates balance with feminine traditional attributes and masculine qualities of modernism.

When it comes to choosing a style of interior design, you need to base your choices on the way you feel about them. The design for an alcove unit should lie within these three categories. You can have as much freedom as you desire with the texture and color you choose.

Alcove Shelving 

  • Cupboards having shelves

Alcove units that have both shelves and cupboards are now popular because they have both open and hidden storage. Open storage needs styling skills to show the decor. Closed storage will help you store all the necessities you wish to hide. You can easily achieve visual satisfaction and daily practicality with these units.

  • Floating Shelves

When you install floating shelves in alcove units, it gives it an appealing, light, and looks airy. To ensure that your wall can carry the shelves, ask professionals. Consider the amount of weight the shelves will be able to carry.

Having that in mind, a cabinet maker will make the best decision on how thick the materials to be used have to be.