Wardrobes got popular when people started getting more household items. As we began to change, fashion came into play; this raised the need for variety in the way we appear. With time, we progressed into a fast-paced lifestyle and we developed the need to be organized and to have space to navigate our belongings. 

Built-in wardrobes can be created for various kinds of spaces, whether large or small. To have fitted wardrobes into a room without crowding it, you need to dedicate some time to prepare. Consider things like color, style, height, and width which can affect if the wardrobe is imposing or making the room feel great.

If you’re having a hard time deciding if you need a freestanding or a built-in wardrobe, consider these options:

  • It feels like space is not enough to contain a built-in wardrobe
  • What to do when you don’t have sufficient storage space

You can easily move a freestanding wardrobe around, but when you have a built-in one, you’ll get more storage space. Custom made built-in wardrobes allow you to add mirrors and various finish surfaces to bounce the light and make the room appear larger.

How can Built-In Wardrobes help to Increase Space?

Built-in wardrobes can help you solve your visual and storage space needs for your home. They are designed with unique properties that can save space in various rooms in our house, including your bedroom.

  • With the color

Both light and dark colors can change the visual appearance of the room and make it feel larger. Dark fitted wardrobes created by professionals will add depth to any room. Bright colors can bounce the light coming in through the windows. By doing so the room will appear as if there’s an extra light source and just as it is with dark wardrobes, it can create depth.

  • With the available space

When you adjust the width, height, and length of the wardrobe, it can make a huge difference in the space. Instead of making your wardrobe long, ensure that it is higher.

You’ll not lose much on storage if you reduce the width and in the end, your wardrobe will not overpower the whole room. The biggest benefit of having a custom built-in wardrobe is the flexibility in design.

Why Choose Us?

  • Made with the highest quality materials (certified moisture-resistant MDF, plywood, veneers, and solid woods)
  • Has the highest quality finish (PU spray painting in any color of your choice)
  • Created by a team of skilled designers that will work with you throughout the process
  • Cabinet makers that are specialists, having over 80 years of combined experience
  • Perfect assembly all the time

Ideas for Built-In Wardrobes

You’ll need a professional designer to guide you on the layout of the shelving inside. This includes everything you need to make it easier to use your storage for your daily activities. 

Open storage below or above a fitted wardrobe will provide it with a feeling of depth. It will break-up the solid block of furniture visually. You can decide to change the design of the doors from paneled or patterned to plain and simple.

Another way of fitting a built-in wardrobe into your room is to build it around your bed. This alternative will provide you with enough storage and still fit perfectly into the design of the bedroom. To have perfect measurements and satisfactory layouts, contact a professional designer. Working with professionals will save you time and energy.



Types of Built-In Wardrobe

Custom made built-in wardrobes can save space and allow you to design it using all available space in your closet. You can design shelving to maximize the use of the available space.

When you hang rails, they can add double storage if placed correctly and the whole height of the ceiling can be used for the fitted wardrobe. If approached thoughtfully, it will be like making an extra storage space.

Some ideas to decide where you want to build a wardrobe include:

  • Around your bed
  • Around your window by making a window seat
  • Cutouts and nooks

Even the most awkward spaces can be beautifully designed to place a wardrobe. Rather than having bulky freestanding furniture that casts shadows and gathers dust, streamlines your storage with great efficiency. As you select the right design of the doors, keep the end goal in mind and consider the following:

  • If your room has a small space and you want to maximize the feeling of space
  • If you have enough room and you want to avoid the doors altogether
  • Finally, if you have little space and you cannot afford the space for opening a traditional hinged door

Door Types

  • Glass Doors

Most people have the common misconception that glass doors are less secure than other doors. There are various options for installing glass doors. You can install tempered glass but in reality, they are very secure and provide you with sufficient light and air. This will make the space appear more upscale.

Glass doors created with annealed material are soundproof, shatterproof, and will not shatter during extreme heat. They are resistant, durable, and high-end.

  • Sliding Doors

There has been constant debate regarding the cons and pros of sliding doors. Sliding doors are great space savers and they make any room appear sleek and stylish.

However, some arguments are surrounding the disadvantages of these doors, one of which is that you can only use one half at a time and they may come off track.

The choice is all a matter of preference, and when you have the end goal in mind, everything will fall into place. Sliding doors will be perfect for you if you only want to use it half of the time or you share it with your partner and you want to have added usable space between the bed and the wardrobe.

Wardrobe Types

  • Open Wardrobes

It is rare seeing open wardrobes for bedrooms; however, you’re more likely to wear something if you can view it. This is particularly if you love like to organize clothes and keep them visually tidy.

Open door wardrobes are an amazing way to make your dressing area feel like a walk-in closet if you don’t have the opportunity to create one. One benefit of open-door closets is that you can dress them up with doors much later or add curtains around them to give them a more authentic appearance.

  • Walk-in Wardrobes

Think about the movie, ‘Sex and the City’ as you think about walk-in wardrobes. This wardrobe is not only about shelves and clothes; it is also about the experience and feelings.

This furniture will allow you to see all your clothes at once and determine an outfit within a few minutes. Imagine looking at all your clothes displayed before you. You no more have to go through endless, overflowing drawers to get that one perfect top you haven’t worn in a long time.

You can get a cabinet maker to advise you and build your dream wardrobe. Before you do so, go through their compiled guide to walk you through the process.

  • Bespoke Walk-In Wardrobes

The color you decide to use for the wardrobe can make a huge difference in how you perceive your clothes. When you use darker colors for your wardrobes, your clothes can stand out. For instance, if you have a lot of bright-colored clothes, it’ll be easier to see different shades and tones, particularly whites that stand against the dark finish of the wardrobe.

White wardrobes are fresh and airy, and they are easy to navigate, just like the black ones. White can serve as a neutral background for clothes. This background doesn’t grab attention and can also help your clothes stand out against it.

For those that have eccentric personalities, the color finishes of their wardrobes can be a mood-setting technique. If you see your walk-in wardrobe as an experience, you should look into colors.

Darks and lights can make the room appear visually larger. This is because some wardrobes need darker colors to increase visual space. On the other hand, brighter colors will bounce light off the surface, thereby expanding the room visually.