We approach kitchen design from a people-first point of view. Our professionals will first ask about your lifestyle before we begin the design process. We first figure out the role your kitchen will play. Whether it will be a place to prepare meals, gather, work, or carry out all three.

Therefore, we provide a bespoke service for our kitchen cabinetry where we can make it to any width, depth, and height you desire. By doing that, we don’t have to compromise on the layout you select. Our craftsmen will make it work. We intend to make a bespoke handmade kitchen to make your life easier and enjoyable.

Our Bespoke Handmade Kitchens have Various Looks

The journey of our bespoke kitchen design begins in our head office, where all our designs are born and all of our making stories start. We have a specialist carpentry workshop close to our head office where we inspect, perfect, and create bespoke pieces of kitchen cabinets. 

Each of our kitchens is special. However, each has a few hidden secrets making it unique to our collections. We define it and give each one its unique appearance.

Hand Crafted Kitchens take a Little more time and a Lot of Love

Our kitchen process mostly takes two to three months. This is a standard time-frame for handmade crafted kitchens, but it might be a little longer than what larger businesses offer because all our cabinetry is created by real hands. That takes a longer time. Bespoke pieces of cabinetry also add to the time. 

As you select the color of paint that’s different from the standard finish, this adds some extra day to the process. If you are ordering appliances through us, which can mostly cause a delay, depending on the stock levels. But trust us, all these will be worth the wait.