When you have a beautiful kitchen in your home, life feels a little bit better. All our hand-painted kitchens has their hand-writing – there’s is always something that makes them appear unique. However, they are all timeless. We pay close attention to trends and we also try to transcend them. We are not interested in what will come and go. We are in for a long time.

Most of our collections come in a hand-painted finish as the standard. We have a core collection of various house-blended paints to suit various needs. Each of our kitchen collection comes has a standard paint finish. But you can decide to customize to any of our other shades. We can even make the exterior color of the cabinetry different from the interior.

The Smooth Hand Painted Finish of Tulipwood

We decide to use tulipwood in our kitchens because of two vital reasons – it is stronger than poplar for cabinetry and it provides the ideal surface for painting. The ultra-smooth finish of Tulipwood with very few knots guarantees a hand-painted finish of high quality.

Every piece goes through four stages of finishing. In the past, cabinets are hand sprayed, then followed by a further mid-coat, then further sanding, and then two top coats before a final hand finish. 

With our team of skilled carpenters, hand painters and finishers, timber selection, and quality control, we can do more, thereby ensuring we select the best materials throughout the process and ensure that every piece arrives intact.