The decision to remodel your kitchen is both vital and exciting. But before you proceed and enjoy your remodeled kitchen, there are several decisions you need to make to ensure you get exactly the right solution for the needs of you and your family. 

You need to consider durability and build quality as the major criteria for selecting your new kitchen. After all, you’ll desire for your cabinetry to be beautiful and do well for several years to come. Built-in kitchen design began being popular about a hundred years ago. 

It is not surprising that most homeowners are not choosing in-frame kitchen cabinets as their preferred kitchen style. For a long time now, all furniture used for making cabinets was made using this method, but more recently the “plant on” door model is becoming more popular because of its affordability.

Most people now use in-frame kitchens for several reasons, one of which is because of their durability. Since the cabinet doors are found inside a frame, they are more stable, and are not under strain from their weight, because the frame supports them. 

On the other hand, plant-on doors hang from the carcass, being screwed to the side panel. Over time the weight of the door pulls down on this hinge, making it loosen, and drop the door out of line.

Other Benefits

In addition to only appearing aseptically pleasing, there are additional benefits of solid wood in-flame kitchens that can stand the test of time. The general quality and material are more durable, leading to the perfect custom.

The in-frame kitchen also appears more sophisticated, having a nod back to the old style of carpentry and workmanship, while also offering modern and contemporary looks for a kitchen design. Since they are custom-made, the craftsmanship, quality, and perfection can be seen in the framed look. Also, the colors, designs, and possibilities are endless.

In-frame doors add to the look and feel of the kitchen. Door edges of the cabinet doors are less likely to have wear and tear; this keeps the kitchen looking great for a longer time. The cabinet doors of in-frame kitchens will remain straight and won’t sag with time. As a result of the extra rigidity and strength, the doors will hang correctly and won’t sag.

The in-frame kitchen also looks more sophisticated. As they are custom made, you can see their craftsmanship, quality, and perfect finish. Until recently, they had a more traditional look, most having double beading around the frame. But our contemporary designs are also in-frame. 

In-frame cabinet doors are installed using butt hinges.  Once again this offers a superior product and appearance. The hinges are screwed into the solid wood on both sides, forming an extremely secure and solid connection.

Their drawers fit into the frame, giving it a sleek and elegant appearance. We provide soft close drawers across all our drawers.