We believe in real kitchens such as solid wood kitchens. Those are made from live materials and are built to last for a long time – kitchens that translate to comfortable homes, both big and small.

Simply put, we believe that using the best materials provides us the freedom to design the best furniture. Also, we know that you’ll want the best quality, responsibly gotten, beautifully designed furniture at an affordable rate.

Our solid wood kitchens are created from the best wood available. We are careful to select the proper wood for the right purpose because timber is a natural material. We use big staves of oak for our work surfaces, flexible tulipwood for hand-painted finish, and strong poplar for cabinet panels.

Why we Invest in Solid Wood Kitchens?

  • Trust

We desire to create furniture that is safe and aesthetically pleasing. That means furniture that can adapt to the rough and tumble of daily life, which does not shrink or warp and can cope with unexpected circumstances.

  • Heritage

We have enjoyed the wooden furniture in our homes for several years. It can be naturally, versatile, renewable, tactile, and insulating.