TV Units

As you visualize your home, consider one of the most frequently used pieces of technology for everyday relaxation – the TV and TV units accommodating storage and comfort. The TV unit has been one of the most consistent pieces of technology in almost every household for several decades.

When it comes to making where you’ll place your TV units to be practical and comfortable, think of installing a stand for your television so that the room will be changed to suit our aesthetics and lifestyle.

Before going into the general look of TV units, think about what you want to achieve at the end of the day. This will help you understand the kind of shelving you need and the number of cupboards or pull-out drawers to use in the design. 

If you’ve designed any storage furniture in the past, such as a walk-in wardrobe, you’ll know the importance of first considering the layout of the storage. For instance, to maximize the use of the space by having your kids play in the same room as you watch the TV, you need to consider the storage area for the toys inside your TV unit.

Most people place their TV on a feature wall of the room; this means that it is the first thing to be seen as you get into the room.


Features of TV Units 

Each room has a corner that makes it hard to work with when installing TV units. Some rooms have alcoves that don’t appear symmetrical, walls that are at a slight angle, and windows that are very wide and take up the whole wall. 

The best part about built-in TV units is that you can go down the route where you design your custom made version of it to suit the room. Today, TVs have become a proud possession of homes; there are therefore various styles and colors of TV cabinets that can give your room a cohesive design.

  • Dark feature wall

One of the most popular trends today is the dark blue color. This color can make your units appear stylish and contemporary.

  • Bookcases

When you design your TV units with a bookcase around the TV, it will make the room appear more elegant and sophisticated, combining modern and classical styles.

  • Background of the furniture

After you’ve installed your furniture, you can paint its background or the whole set using a darker color. This will help to integrate the TV into the whole room without it being the center of attention.

  • Artwork

Hanging artwork hang close to a TV unit will draw attention away from it. It is one of the simplest and most creative ways to integrate a TV with wall furniture into the interior design, adding various personal characters to the decor of the room.

Built-in TV Units

Since you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your TV room, why not make built-in TV units and put your passions into creating unique open shelving. Photos and collection sets can be a beautiful display area creating a tasteful and unique feel in the living area. 

When you have built-in television furniture, similar to those used in built-in wardrobes, you can light up the shelves with LED lights to give it a more modern and dramatic effect, ensuring that your items stand out when you dim the lights.

One of the most popular fitted units is the one installed in the alcove units. The alcoves are mostly created as recesses from a fireplace and they become redundant because of their unusual sizes. This is a great way to add custom made storage and get space for your TV unit.

The important thing is to have fun when you decorate your living space, whether the space is large or small. You’ll be happier and more satisfied in a space if each item has its place.

There are various ways to go about creating a built-in TV unit, and since our professionals can design exceptional custom made furniture, we will gladly transform your space into something unique and beautiful.